Radio Show Guest? me? oh thanks, love to!

This blog should really be called the power of twitter!  I was found via there and approached to appear on a radio show on BBC Three Counties Radio recently.

Since I have been on Twitter (over a year) I do tweet about which restaurant we are going to every month and have occasionally mentioned about the food we eat or my thoughts on the venue.  Clearly someone was reading something as I was approached by @producerlaura to see if would like to be a guest on presenter Nick Coffer’s show on one Saturday morning.  Didn’t really take much thinking about – and I made a mental note listen to his show (which was then on a Sunday evening, but knowing not likely as not a bad evening for television!),

The premise of the show  is that Nick asks three different guests on – one professional Chef, one home cook (foodie) and one wine/drinks person.  I  had no idea when this event might occur, but had no idea it would happen the first week of January!  Nick had called several times and we got on, he thought I would sound good (flattery goes a long way!) and then he asked over the christmas period if I would come onto the launch show on Saturday 8th January! No pressure then. I had to cook 2 courses, the professional chef would  bring in three.  I decided to cook my lovely venison stew (used to buy it from a fabulous lady called Tilly Smith in the Cairngorms) but found out the Chef, Laurie Gear, was going to do a venison main course. Fair enough, so switched to roasted cod, green beans and tomatoes with a pudding of Eaton Mess – which did look a mess but which tasted divine!

Nick asked me to talk about the Herts Supper Club – which is something which always delights me every month.  I always look forward to seeing everyone, catching up with news and views; interacting and learning. I made it clear from the beginning the supper club is about friendship and not a “selling place” – there are lots and lots of networking arenas in Hertfordshire to do that in and they are all on twitter!

We had a brilliant Saturday lunch time – I was able to take Emma with me and she sat with Laura and had a great time!  My fellow guests Laurie and Julia were just delightful and I would be really pleased to see them again soon.  I plan to visit Laurie’s restaurant The Artichoke in Amersham soon and will pop over to St Albans to see Julia.  It is amazing what goes on behind the scenes – there was such a tiny space and the chaos potential is very high  indeed!  I will confess that I have listened to 3 Counties Radio since, I was never really one for local radio but I do tune in now. 

And thanks are due to Nick who encouraged me to write this blog and I know it will get better and more informative as it goes on and I get used to it!

This month (Friday 21st January) we are going to The Grandison Arms in Bramfield, Nr Hertford.  Looking forward to eating here and will blog soon about our thoughts on the evening.

Happy eating!

Nicky x



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